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Zero-2-Hero course designed for those who wants to learn from basics. It'll take 30 days to complete to learn this.This course consists of 2 levels, 15 days per level. What you will learn in 30 days it is well described below by each day!

If you don't want to go from basics then you can check other packs too!



Day 1 : Types of hair knowledge Texture of hair Hair products and kit Ponytails and sectioning.
Day 2: Base Blow dry Volume bd Out curl bd Ironing/ tonging techniques knowledge .
Day 3 Back combing Puff variations .
Day 4 Hairdo Puff + variations is Half-Up Hair Hairdo bun’s of various types and varations.
Day 5: Simple Bun + Front Hair Variations (4+).
Day 6: Hair Front puff+ Back 4 variations Hair Updo’s.
Day 7 : Twisted hairstyles more than 3 Partitions French Braid + Hair Bun French Braid + Messy Hair bun etc .
Day 8: Fish Braid ‘’ ‘’ ‘’ etc.
Day 9: Curls Curls variations Curls in messy hairstyle Curls in half Hairdos etc( usage if Tongs) different style and size of tools .
Day 10 : Curls from Iron machine Beach waves Waterfall waves Twisted waves.
Day 11:Open Hairstyles with all these curls and waves.
Day 12: Different bridal Hairdos Different styles and variations according to the religion Punjabi Hairdo Hindu, christian , muslim with use of jewellery.
Day 13:Quick hairstyles for Siders.
Day 14:Reception and Evening Bride hairstyles .
Day 15:Totally Neat and Finishing Front Variations in Hairdos.


Day 16: How to manage volumised Hairdos and have neat finishing and perfect sectioning With which product and tools.
Day 17: Donut stuffing with Braids of different types.
Day 18:International messy finished Hairstyles with curls and Face Framing Bun.
Day 19:Practice Day
Day 20:Practice Day
Day 21:Hairstyles with Hair Spreading and sectioning .
Day 22:Practice Day
Day 23:Practice Day
Day 24:Standing Lines and creating Waves in front and Back hair.
Day 25:Practice Day
Day 26:Practice Day
Day 27:Making flower petals HD on hair ( original hair , extra).
Day 28:Using Hair Switches for Customer with less Hair who want Hair updos.
Day 29:Practice Day
Day 30:Mixture of all Hairdos to Exercise and practice etc etc